Letting My Guard Down

By doing this blog I’ve committed to sort of flinging myself into quasi-public view. Like a lot of things I’ve done in my life, there has been some element of impulsivity in it. Now that I’ve launched, I periodically wonder why in the world I really started out on this particular part of my journey.…

Who are you?

One of the things about writing, and therefore blogging, is that it gets me thinking about who I am writing to. This is something one faces even when writing a diary, at least I’ve always noticed that. As a kid I remember that a lot of my writing in diaries (remember the “5-year diary”?) was…

In which I explain myself …

I gotta say, and I hope you agree, I love the name of my new site and blog. In addition to me, “The Sister Is In (Recovery)”, and that is my sister Liz who I’m crediting with that catchy title. By the way, she isn’t my only family member in recovery and I’m so grateful…

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